Our Managed IT Operations Service provides your business with everything you need to keep operating in a reliable and secure way. It is delivered via a combination of cloud service (SaaS) and in-house settings and can be setup with minimum fuss or interruption. The Service includes IT Monitoring, IT Security and IT Support, all tailored to your specific business needs. 


Our Monitoring Service provides a simple, yet effective way to maximize up-time of your IT Infrastructure. Network, Server and PC problems create business problems. When the network goes down, employees can't access data, customers can't purchase and work stops. Network monitoring helps you keep your business performing by proactively checking not just network availability, but the health and performance of your IT Infrastructure as well.

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IT Monitoring

Better protection, in more places. A strong IT Security Framework is a must have in today's business environment and our Managed IT Support service has this built in. The number of attacks has increased exponentially in recent years and the target base includes all types of companies. Our package provides a comprehensive, layered approach that can help protect all your Business IT Devices no matter where they are located

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IT Security

Our Service Desk provides quick, no fuss access to qualified IT Support personal. High priority requests are dealt with immediately and where possible, resolved during the initial call. The Service Desk operates between 8:30am and 5:30pm Monday to Friday (AEST) with 24 Hour Support available as an extra option. All Support jobs are ticketed and tracked to completion, with an End of Month summary provided to management.

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IT Support