Our Monitoring Service provides a simple, yet effective way to maximize up-time of your IT Infrastructure. Network, Server and PC problems create business problems. When the network goes down, employees can't access data, customers can't purchase and work stops. Network monitoring helps you keep your business performing by proactively checking not just network availability, but the health and performance of your IT Infrastructure as well.

Internet Connections - Our offsite Internet connection monitoring process checks availability of your companies Internet Link(s) every 5 minutes. Monitoring can also include utilization rates and capacity overloads for supported routers and firewalls. 

Internal Networks - Internal network monitoring includes all internal network equipment such as routers and switches and always on network devices such as MFP units. Similar to Internet Connection monitoring, it can also include capacity reports for compatible devices.

Servers - Server monitoring is at the heart of our monitoring system and is equally weighted between availability and performance. Availability checks for network connectivity and key Windows services while performance proactively tracks utilization levels. This is particularly helpful for future planning and budgeting as it provides some insight as to when/if upgrades may be required.


Backups - Backup monitoring is a combined automatic and manual service that is performed at Start of Day. Overnight backups and any other key tasks are checked and the results included in the Daily Morning Report - see below.


Daily Morning Report - the Daily Morning Report is a daily email that is sent to your manager(s) listing the status of your key IT Equipment. It includes availability of equipment and the results of any overnight backups or tasks. The report is sent at Start-of-Business each morning.