Better protection, in more places. A strong IT Security Framework is a must have in today's business environment. The number of attacks has increased exponentially in recent years and the target base includes all types of companies. Our Managed Security package provides a comprehensive, layered approach that can help protect all your Business IT Devices no matter where they are located

External Protections

Email Proxy - Email Protection is provided by an offsite Email Gateway that filters all inbound and outbound email. All inbound email is checked for Virus's and SPAM ranking and dealt according to customised rules setup for your business. In addition each user receives a daily digest showing what emails have been blocked as SPAM and gives the user the option to release the email with a single click. Specific senders and/or domains can also be simply white-listed or blacklisted. Our Email Protection Service also has an archiving function that can be activated as an optional extra (additional pricing applies).

Web Proxy - Web Protection is used to block access to Websites that are deemed as un-secure or unproductive for business. The Web Protection agent installed on each machine will do a lookup on each website before allowing access. The lookup checks the address against a centralised database which continually categorizes sites throughout the Internet.  Sites know to contain virus's or with poor security rankings are blocked. Additionally sites such as Social Media, Streaming Services or Job sites (just to name a few) can be blocked depending on the business's wishes. The blocking rules can be customised to provide block or allow access based on specific workstations and/or time of day rules. Complete reporting is also available to see what sites are accessed and where the most time is spent.

Perimetre Protection

Network Firewall - Firewall's provide a vital function as the key gatekeeper at the entry and exit points of the network. Their primary function is to keep out the unwanted, and keep in the valuable. Correct configuration is vital and provides an excellent line of defence.

Internal Defences


Patch Management - Did you know that most Virus's and Malware exploit well known security holes in Operating Systems (such as Windows) and common Applications like Flash and Microsoft Office? By Simply keeping your software patching up to date, you can effectively close the door on most of these. If your connected to the Internet then Patch Management should be up the top of the list for any Layered Security Solution. Our Patch Management Service monitors and rolls out patches to all machines on your network and covers a wide range or Manufactures including Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, Skype and all 5 of the major Browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera).


Antivirus Software - Antivirus software provides a last line of defence for your machines. If something malicious does manage to get through the other layers then the Antivirus software is there to stop it. Our Managed Antivirus service uses the widely respected BitDefender Antivirus Engine to continually monitor all activity and checks for updates hourly.